XpertLigner WorkflowTM


File a Case

Just contact us and we will give you the ability to upload your specific data into our secured servers. We request a written treatment application (predefined form provided by us), images and the digital scan in a STL format. As an alternative you can send us your impression tray.

After a data consistency check we specifically confirm to you the start of the treatment proposal development in our XpertTeam.

Release upon your approval

As soon as you agree to the treatment proposal of your patient’s case, we will start production.

Treatment Proposal

Our orthodontic expert makes the final check and releases your individual treatment proposal.

We will contact you and provide you a link to your treatment proposal along with the 3D treatment simulation. You can proof whether the proposal and simulation fits your desired results or if additional changes are demanded.

In case of questions or requested changes to the proposal you will get hand over to a personal contact that gladly works with you through the details or brings you an additional

specialists opinion.

Production and delivery

The 3D print data as well as a digital copy will be generated and stored for each treatment stage.

Our high-tech manufacturing department takes over the data and produces either the XpertBracketTM or the models for the XpertLignerTM.

After a 100% quality control, our products are packed with love and care and you will be informed about the completion and shipping.


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XpertLigner WorkflowTM
XpertLigner WorkflowTM