Light-Wire System

Ultra Low Profile

We recommend round 0.012 and 0.014 NiTi-Thermal wires in the levelling and alignment phase. For this initial phase the bracket placement is relaxed and the teeth will move steadier and quicker, with no risk for root resorption.


For an aesthetic treatment the XpertBracketTM profile is reduced to only 30% compared to conventional brackets. To comfort the patients, all edges are rounded and surfaces are kept flat .

Bonding & Debonding


The XpertBracketTM is made from our innovative Material AlphaCC, which is the next generation beyond polycrystalline alumina. It is impressively clear, convinces with strength and hardness and doesn’t stain nor abrade like ceramic.

A patented mechanical interlocking base guarantees best bonding results. For the most aesthetic outcome we recommend our X-Pro Glue along with the brackets. Designed notch features allow simple twisting for debonding.

Low Friction Force

The XpertBracketTM made from our innovative Material AlphaCC impress with outstanding

ultra-low frictional forces for premium sliding mechanics compared to other bracket materials used by the industry.


The chart compares the measured friction forces for different brackets, whereas the stainless steel bracket was taken as a reference. While the PCA Ceramic Bracket has 17% higher friction forces, the XpertBracket with it's innovative material has only 5% of the friction forces.

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The tiny XpertBracketTM are designed with an advanced clip mechanism that not only allows ligating and changing wires in no time at all, but also enhances aesthetics. For orthodontists’ comfort our XpertBracketTM can be placed digitally in the 3D Treatment Proposal and be delivered in an Indirect Bonding Tray. Enjoy a fast and precise treatment with reduced chair time.


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