Our special XpertLignerTM material X-FoilTM is characterized by an increased accuracy and a steadier and strong force delivery, resulting in a precise positioning of teeth. In addition there is a convincing clarity, high break resistance and great colour stability.



You like to drink coffee, tea or red wine, without talking out the aligner? That’s no problem for our XpertLignerTM. Our ongoing and persistent tests show that the rails remain clear, even after a 24h curry bath.

Every XpertLignerTM is kept as a digital copy through its life cycle. This allows each single aligner to be tracked and reordered without a hassle. Each XpertLignerTM keeps a permanent mark for this purpose. The digital copy together with it’s information is stored with us for minimum five years and according the laws.

X-Force Control

Our X-FoilTM has a built-in shape memory similar to an NiTi-Thermal wire. Initially, a 40% reduced force occurs to enhance the patient comfort, followed by an ideal force plateau, where teeth are moved with high efficiency and positioning accuracy.

Force deliverd by the aligner over days wearing.

Comparison of different aligner materials.



Optimized 3D printers produce your models with our biodegradable XpertMaterialTM. The material allows high speed printing with virtually no grooves. Our XpertLignerTM benefit from the printing procedure through a great

clarity and high precision fit.

Environmental friendly production

An environmental friendly production is very important to us. Therefore, our 3D models are completely biodegradable, the production environment is highly efficient and we watch out for a minimum of waste.


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